Tuesday, June 12, 2007

General Disclaimer Post


Please note:

"Always" means most of the time.
"Never" means it could happen.
"I prefer" means that I prefer some thing. Not everyone needs to prefer/like/want it.
All things occur along a spectrum, leaving room for many possibilities.
All means most things, not all things (except when it's a spectrum).

My facts exist along a spectrum. Hopefully, that spectrum involves the truth. I will certainly post any corrections to maintain this site as a place to find accurate information. Sometimes posts are made in humor, like jokes. These posts will not be fact-checked.

Blizzard is a big company with lots of lawyers and copyright symbols and lawyers, which I respect. I did not write the code for WoW and therefore all the images and references you see are the property of the party with the most lawyers and the code writers- Blizzard. I hope I don't offend them in any way.

Otherwise, the stuff on this blog is mine. Please give me and anyone else credit for their work on the internet.

End Post