Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Guide to Brewfest- Alliance

Brewfest is an event in early October that allows you to complete quests to receive tickets. Buffs from special drink and food are available and this is the easiest way for a non-Alliance or non-dwarf character to get a Ram mount without grinding huge amounts of reputation.


Bark for the Barleybrews

Reset: every 24 hours at an unspecified time (leave comments if you know when)
Reward: 15 Brewfest Tickets (40 in 2007 to account for bugs of Dark Iron Attacks)
Description: Run in a circle around Ironforge. Keep your fatigue in the yellow and a short time in blue and you will have no problem finishing the route.

Pink Elekks on Parade
Reset: once only
Reward: 40 Brewfest Tickets (2007)
Description: Drink a lot of brewfest outside of each major city until you see Pink Elekks. Use a Dispersion Ray to trap them and return to Ironforge to finish the quest.

Catch the Wild Wolpeltinger
Reset: once only
Reward: Wolpeltinger's Tankard (contains a non-combat pet).
Description: Throw a net over wolpeltinger's that you can only see when drunk. This quest is obtained and completed in the Brewfest grounds outside of Ironforge.

Keg Delivery to Kharanos:
Reset: twice daily at unspecified times
Reward: 3 Tickets per successful drop-off
Description: First, obtain Ram Racing Reins from Pol Amberstill. Put the Reins in an empty slot on your user interface. Then get the quest from Neill Ramstein. Once you accept the quest you will be riding on a ram. Click the reins to go faster and note the fatigue bar in the right upper corner. If it gets to 100, you will not move for 15s. Red accumulates points at 5 per tick. Yellow accumulates 1 per tick. Blue decreases by 1 per tick. Eating apples from the barrel takes your fatigue buffs to zero, but will not turn off the 15s halt, if it has occurred.

Run around the lantern next to my cat in this picture:

-for the first leg of the trip, being sure to pass closely by the apple bucket in the middle (you DO NOT have to stop next to them). You will need to go to Yellow fatigue after the barrel pickup in Kharanos, but should be able to Gallup the rest of the way. By rounding this lantern, the barrel will be thrown to you as you run away- don't worry it will arrive and you will see in chat that you have it.

Run around the two posts seen next to my cheetah in this picture:

-which will allow return of the keg and will create your tickets. You will receive 30s extra ram-time every time you return a keg. You should be able to easily do 9-10 runs and up to 15 have been reported.

High-level items and useful buffs:

Increase XP by 10% for 2 hours.

Usually alcohol can be stacked in addition to a well-fed buff. Stock-up on these if you like that extra buff in addition to the usual myriad of buffs.
Increase Strength by 20 for 30 mins
Increase Stamina by 20 for 30 mins

And the best-value item for the event:
Swift Brewfest Ram 600 Tickets