Friday, December 28, 2007

Alchemy: Transmute Mastery IS broken

Straight from a Blue:

Nethaera 12/21/07-

As posted by Pavonum in the Customer Service Forum:

As of the 2.3 content patch, there's currently an issue with Transmutation Mastery by which the percentage chance to receive additional results from transmutations — aside from Transmute: Primal Might — is lower than the intended value. This is likely contributing to the dearth of procs you've observed, and I'd like to offer my apologies for any consternation that has arisen as a result of the discrepancy. I'm happy to report that this matter should be resolved in a future patch, but your continued patience in the interim is appreciated. :)

There you have it. I will update my lovely readers when this seems to be fixed.