Friday, December 14, 2007

Nightmare Seeds

Last night was a first in herbalism for me. I picked a Nightmare Vine and ended up with some Nightmare Seeds.

I can see using these similarly to Fel Blossoms. However, these little weeds seem to have the advantage of increasing your health pool considerably, allowing your healer to fill your HP 2000 points above usual HP for a prolonged period of time (30s). In comparison, Fel Blossom absorbs a fixed amount of damage (1250 max) and only lasts for 15s whether damage is absorbed or not.

For druids, our inability to use items while in a form makes these less useful than for a warrior, but with the new changes in 2.3 to macros we can quickly:

/use Nightmare Seed
/cast Dire Bear Form

I can see using this in those special moments of pause that occur after a knockback, but before a nice Feral Charge. When your healer is wondering if they will be the boss's primary target for their last seconds before a corpse run.

Of note, the cooldown is 3 minutes, which would prevent use of healthstone, Fel Blossom, etc. I will have to experiment to see if the timer is the same as healing potions. It also appears that you may get the extra 2000 health in addition to the 2000 HP capacity. shows these items as selling for a median 2.25g and having very low volume across all servers. I think these items are likely too rare to make any great amount of money from dedicated gathering. Items like this tend to be in low demand due to their low profile on the supply side.

Anyway else have experiences with Nightmare Seeds?