Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Macro Changes 1/8/08

I haven't been playing WoW too much, but I would like to report some changes in macros that have come about- seemingly unannounced in the patch notes- in last Tuesday's patch.

Two Changes have been made:

1) If you are in Cat Form (applies to other forms too) and want to de-snare by shifting into the same form, your macro will need to have a "!" added to it:

/cast !Cat Form

2) We can now shift out of forms to use an item without having to use /cancelform:

/use Super Healing Potion
/cast !Bear Form

So, if you have noticed some macro problems and the "!" doesn't help, take a look on the forums to find some more detailed answers.

Please post any other macro changes you may have noted.


Trollin' said...

Actually, that was in the patch notes. There's a note about spells that toggle by default requiring the exclamation point to specify not toggling it but just casting it once. The example was Hunter's Autoshot, but Druid forms also toggle, technically.

Idahoe said...

Interesting. I would not have identified Auto-shot and Form changes as being similar.

Tks Trollin'