Thursday, February 7, 2008

Making Money: Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire is here! Most of the rewards from Darkmoon Tickets quests are reasonable. However, the Darkmoon Card rewards are quite impressive and the low chance of a high quality Darkmoon Prize doesn't equate to an absence of demand for objects used to obtain Darkmoon Tickets. Here is a collection of the items and events of interest to those looking to make a quick gold at the DMF.

There may be money to be made from acquiring Evil Bat Eyes, Glowing Scorpid Blood, Dense Stone, Thorium Bars, Runecloth and Rugged Leather before the faire begins. These are all items that are used directly for turn-ins or to create items for turn-in.

In addition, the good Professor Thaddeus Paleo and his stallmate Lhara sell some items in limited quantity for rock bottom prices. Maybe he is a chemistry professor and Lhara is a first semester MBA candidate? These two are not going to be in charge of the Azeroth Reserve Bank anytime soon. Demand for the gems and scrolls is sure to remain high well after the fair is over. Though casual players will likely not have time to birdog the Professor and Lhara (the spawn times for their items are reportedly random), a casual trip by the faire may reward you with nice items to resell on the AH or keep for use.

Hording Darkmoon Cards is sure to bring in some profit as well. The two through eight of each deck are random drops, while the Aces are from heroic bosses.

All this and more at the Darkmoon Faire. Check your local calendar for event dates.