Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tank Tips: Avoidance Gems- An update

Well, after all that calculating, we get a drop from Blue on a change in patch 2.4 that may create some empty gem slots for druids interested in avoidance.

"Gems obtained through Heroic difficulty instances are no longer Unique-equipped."

This means that more than one Glistening Fire Opal or Glinting Fire Opal can be socketed, which is much to our advantage. It never seemed quite right that these would be Unique-equipped, given their relative rarity, as it would take a very dedicated player to acquire more than a few of these as they are BoP and the drop rate isn't great.

The probability of getting at least 1 Opal on a run of Mana-tombs is 40% (if the Wowhead estimates are correct).

The probability of getting 4 on one run is =0.1*0.06^3 or 0.00216%.

The probability of getting 4 gems after 4 runs is 3%.

So, the numbers aren't exactly in favor of expeditous acquisition for casual players. The value of stacking these will certainly be attractive to the non-casual druid.


Anonymous said...

Glistening Fire Opals are unique-equipped, so 'all' is 'one' :)

Idahoe said...


The post describes a new change to the Uniqueness of these items that will help everyone stack a bit more love from gems.