Saturday, September 13, 2008

Aggro #1

The past few weeks I have been super busy, but I'd like to highlight these posts as interesting to the casual player. In addition, I hope to use "Aggro's" to highlight the work of the blogging community.

35 Yards Out comments on World Bosses

Casual Raid Leader comments on the meaning of Casual, Hobbyist and Hardcore players.

World bosses represent a great option for the casual player/guild for the reasons that 35 sets out. In addition:

1) Less trash to kill
2) Less trash to kill
3) Less trash to kill

The reduction of trash mobs can greatly increase the probability of getting to the fun part- the boss, which means more fun with teamwork and class abilities that aren't really necessary during solo play. Killing lots of trash gets boring. The longer the trash-mop, the more likely someone gets called to dinner or someone's baby needs changing. Once the AFKs begin, smart casuals know to get outta Dodge and find something more productive to do.

Regarding Casual Raid Leader's post- I think he is on the right track. One thing that could help give casuals and hobbyists better access to raids would be a much longer reset time on instances. Why have a reset time at all? Perhaps groups should be able to enter a raid and have the raid spawn according to the least progressed player in the raid? This would certainly foster teamwork and an incentive to have an entire guild of players progress simultaneously. Simultaneous progression would likely keep guilds more intact, albeit smaller.

Thanks to the blogs I'm highlighting this week for their thorough coverage of these topics!

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