Friday, October 17, 2008

Expansion Notes: Orienting Self

So sad to see all my mods broken. I will rebuild! For now, I can’t even play due to Bongos being broken and apparently not even being updated anymore. Dominoes seems to be the replacement, I hope it is as easy to use as Bongos. With all the new abilities, Blizz really needs to build-in a more useful UI or offer a surgery to implant a wire straight from my head into the game.

For Inscription, browse these druid-specifics. The Glyphs of the Red Lynx and White Bear don’t seem to be in the game yet? I really don’t think you are playing your class if you don’t go pick up some glyphs. These things are power incarnate. Take special attention to the effect of glyphs before planning your build. There are some glyphs that are going to stack/multiply with talents making your talent points go even further for specific abilities.

All of your mods probably don’t work. When you do get them up and running, be sure to look for new spells for your race, class and profession.

Respec before fighting. You will be totally untalented unless you re-assign your points. This may be a good time to add your planned leveling build. Also, get ready for an alternate build, as Blizz will probably be adding in the ability to change between at least two specs. I plan on a healing build for raids, 5-mans and PvP. The kitty will probably be for grinding only.

Enchants now work in Druid forms? This should be coming, I just haven’t seen anything definitive about this patch. When they do, check out the weapon enchants here (enter ‘weapon’ in the limits area).

I’m still waiting to understand what stats will be most useful in the expansion. Once players get up to 80 and run simulations, we will have better answers to that.

A laundry list:

- Your mounts, money, PvP marks are not missing. Look under the currency pane in your character panel.

- You can’t level professions above 375 yet.


Phaelia said...

Blizzard has said that they've scrapped the idea of using Glyphs to modify forms after a lot of community outcry that it's unfair for us to sacrifice the utility (reagent removal, etc.) of a minor glyph to change our forms.