Friday, November 28, 2008

Initial Wrath Impressions

I never thought I would write a post about a technical aspect of WoW.  However, I have been getting some terrible lag lately.

I have barely been able to walk through Shatt.

I rode the boat back and forth from SW to Valor Point 3 times before the lag reduced enough to allow me to get off of the boat.

Well, so far that is as far as I have “progressed” in Wrath so far.  It’s not quite hard core raiding, but certainly presents its own challenges.

I’m imagining what a progression guild beyond the docks of Valor Point would look like in a high lag environment.  I can imagine arguments over loot as certain members that get kicked from the servers and others have 15 minutes of keyboard commands resolve after the fight has been over for 30 minutes.

Need. Greed. Lay-away.