Saturday, December 13, 2008

Feral Attack Power Change

This change just gives me one more thing to look up. How annoying.  I liked the idea that I could easily find the weapons good for ferals DPS and tanks without too much effort.  I understand that the change will open up opportunities for many more tanking weapons.  If I'm not mistaken, feral DPS staves and maces may be less abundant.  I don't know of too many hammers that would fit the bill for feral DPS, though I'm sure there are some out there.

Once again, I'll say the the game is getting too complex.  I would much prefer that Blizz do this work for me.  Show me a percent improvement or loss for any weapon compared to my current weapon based on my spec.  The UI will reportedly change, but there is nothing to tell me how, where and when to uprgrade.

Without all my fellow bloggers, I'd be totally lost in this game.


Eglador said...

The standard tooltip will show you the feral AP of the weapons if you're a druid coming patch, so it will be as if nothing changed besides that weapons that are non-feral at the moment do get that shown as well.