Thursday, August 6, 2009

Return to WoW for leveling within PvP?

The repetitive nature of PvE prompted my exodus from WoW. Now, there is the prospect of XP in PvP.... PvP is certainly much more interesting than PvE. Human opponents have the AI thingy down pretty well. I think Turing would be proud.

Is XP in PvE engough to warrant a return to WoW?

Only if:

1) Leveling occurrs about every 3-4 weeks, given a casual player dedication of about 5-8 hours per week.

2) Gear upgrades could be had on a slightly quicker time frame.

With the current honor system, I think the gear upgrades are likely a pipe dream. Perhaps PvP quest objectives would help with that goal. XP would likely be rewarding on discrete BG objectives as well as overall victory.

If this type of thing gets up and running, I think I'd likely return to WoW with a nice cat dps/healer dual spec and enjoy the challenge of leveling against human opponents, which I find vastly more exciting than killing 10 rats.


SolidState said...

Doesn't really sound workable, AFAIK.

From what I understand, XP in BGs is granted only for doing quests/goals inside the BG, not for honorable kills.

As a low level inside a BG (e.g. being level x0 to about x5 in the x0-x9 bracket) your chances of completing any goals vs. opponents who are >4 levels higher than you are slim to none. Scratch "slim" if you're Alliance...

So for the amount of effort/time you invest in it, the amount of XP you'll get for a big chunk of the way inside each bracket will be minimal, meaning, it will be a sucky/slow way to level.

Anyway as much as I love WoW, I have to admit that from what I hear, if you love PvP there are better games out there - WAR and DarkFall are two options which sprint to mind, and from what I've seen Champions Online will also have some PvP elements (but how many I don't know, no reviews yet as it's still not even in open beta).

WoW is all about the PvE game which is fantastic. Get a few good friends to level with your and join a nice/friendly raiding guild and you'll have a blast. But much like PvP (although for different reasons) if you try to go it alone or with random strangers, your experience is likely to be... less than stellar.

BTW your "Micro Lab via Twitter" sidebar thingy brings up an annoying user/passwd dialog box every time I enter your main page or any other page, like that of a specific story. Very annoying and off-putting (who wants to put in their personal user+password in a random question box in some site?)

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