Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dusting a Rogue

The Rogue class of characters has always interested me. Fast, sneaky and able to deal significant damage seem like a recipe for fun.  However, Hearthstone Rogue has not lived up to anything I would consider fun or interesting. If rogue decks were absolute winners, I would keep my rogue cards, but Rogue is not hot. It makes the list at number six for class popularity, but completely fails to make the ranks of top tier decks or see much competitive play.

The Rogue class likely suffers heavily from its hero power. Having to actually attack your enemies with your hero (with a weapon equipped) is a huge downside for rogues. Paying 2 mana for the priveledge of losing your hero's life total is not great. In addition, Rogue cards are currently geared toward relatively 'linear' strategies for deck building. When was the last time a midrange rogue was suggested?

Altogether, Rogue would greatly benefit from an upgrade to its class card base to allow Thrown Weapons or some other method of using a weapon without committing the hero. This would fit with the Rogue being a leather wearing glass cannon and less like a warrior charging into battle. Some Reveal Hand mechanic would also be interesting and keeping with the Roguish nature and create an interesting play style that may not require a complete reworking of the class. 

As for me, I'll be dusting some of the Commons, Blues and Legendaries I have, while keeping the Epics. For a casual player, repopulating the sometimes many epic cards require to effectively use a class is a more costly endeavor than obtaining the 1 or 2 class legendaries.