Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Grinding Reputation, Primals or anything in WoW

Rep is a special thing in WoW.

Everyone should know that the hours spent grinding today for Item X, may become less time consuming tomorrow. In fact, Item X may have the worth of Loosely Knitted Gloves in the next patch or expansion.

For Example in Patch X.3, reputation for A Special Mount and Rare Thing were reduced. As a result, many more players will have A Special Mount and Rare Things. While A Special Mount is interesting, access to Rare Things lets players experience new and difficult content. If they don't succeed at this content, that's ok, their skills will improve. They won't get the rewards that only the most talented players in the most organized guilds can obtain, which they shouldn't.

Things change in this game all the time and what once was cool is old-hat soon:
Hey that's a really cool Epic Ground Mount you have there! How do you like my Legendary Gnomish Chariot with my Mythic Talbuk Sleigh Team?

In the end, grinding rep is largely a matter of time. Downing Boss of the Expansion and clearing Really Hard Dungeon is a matter of skill.

Item X for Heavy Nerfoot Boots won't matter when Really Heavy Nerfoot Boots arrive from the first quest in the next expansion.

So, stop the QQ on time-dependent rewards and go kill Boss of the Expansion and have some fun with your friends. When Blizz nerfs BotE, then you have a real complaint.

In summary: Take a step away from the game if you find yourself grinding for anything, if that grinding isn't fun, because Really Cool Colored Sword won't be so cool in about 6 months and you could have spent that time in the Real World making WoW more fun when you return from a break.