Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Guild Group Activities

I have not ever managed a guild, but one of the most common problems in as a rank-and-file member is the lack of fun activities outside of dungeons and other Blizz initiated group events.

Here is a list of ideas for guild activities that I have either heard of or thought of:

1) Alliance Zephyr Hijack (Horde Boat Mutiny)- travel the Horde Zephyr Routes by fighting into the towers and Hijacking the Zephyrs. The first route may be easy, but wait and see who is there to meet you at your destination.

2) Flight Plan Day- run, port, summon all of your lowbies to each of the flight paths throughout the continents. Break this up with different continents on different weeks.

3) Guild Meet and Sack- once every month, have the entire guild meet in one place. This could also be used as a chance for all the crafters to craft for whoever brings materials. Afterward, time to Raid a city or take a World PvP objective. It's fun to see everyone together, even if for just a few minutes.

4) World Bosses- as long as you can find them, you can try to kill them without all the headache of clearing trash mobs, obtaining quests or keys. Give it a couple of shots then walk away if you don't succeed- no time invested. If you do succeed, your guild just won a great opportunity for a Realm post on official forums and likely a rare craftable or enchant. Anyone up for a Fel Reaver in Hellfire, Ysondre where are you?

5) Kill the dragon at Dire Maul. Have someone see if the Dragon is spawned in this Gurabashi-style event in Dire Maul. If so, gather the guild quickly and take him down. Lowbies may get good loot and someone could get the Orb-of-Deception, which changes you to appear like a member of the opposing faction.

6) Solo Challenge- Find a non-rare elite and have players bid on how little equipment they can use to down the mob. For example: I will take down a Mountain Gruul with only my chest, legs, trinkets and weapon. Go test it out and laugh when the "hero" dies or fireworks if the hero lives. Nagrand has a lot of elites on the Western and Southwestern area that can give a few opportunities for bids and subsequent fights.