Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Druids Need to Know

1) Weapon damage is irrelevant when in Cat or Bear forms. Only weapons with increased attack power when in Bear, Dire Bear, Cat or Moonkin forms will add to your AP (see Earthwarden). When in Moonkin, swing rate and damage range (min-max) will be more important (still barely important as DPS is from spells not weapons).

2) Weapon enchants that proc when the weapon hits do not work in Feral Forms, but should work in Moonkin form (Restoration effect is unknown). If you are a Feral or Resto druid, don't put these enchants on your weapons.Instead, opt for enchants that increase Strength, Agility or other basic stat. If you are Moonkin, then consider enchants that proc as a last resort. Those that stun may be especially nice, as you are unlikely to do significant damage with your weapon to warrant maximizing actual weapon damage. See this excellent post for information regarding helpful druid enchants.

3) Druids have spells that allow transport to Moonglade in Kalimdor. This transport option allows for easy travel in pre-TBC areas. While most people will set their hearthstone to Shattrath City (and everyone should do this), a hearthstone at Ironforge and the Teleport: Moonglade spell will cut-down on your transport time considerably for pre-Outlands travel, if you cannot get a port or summon to Shattrath for some reason.

4) Druids cannot block or parry, because we do not have shields and cannot learn the skill that allows us to parry (weapons trainer).

5) Druids make very good healers for druid tanks.
Druid tanks take damage very evenly, due to crit immunity and high armor. Tree of Life heal-over-time keeps druid tanks healed well. Tanks that take burst damage are better healed by a paladin or priest.

6) Bleed effects are a type of damage that ignores 100% of armor. Bear and Cat forms have bleed effects and these attacks are the best to use against highly armored classes.

7) Rage is only generated by normal melee Bear attacks, not by special attacks.

8) The specific role of the druid tanks is taking lots of melee hits with very little damage taken due to our high armor and NPC crit immunity. We are less effective vs casters.

9) When in Bear or Cat forms, druids can be Hibernated or can be affected by Scare Beast, as druids are considered to be 'beasts,' not humanoid.

10) Tree of Life is considered an elemental form and can be Banished by warlocks.