Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tank Tips: Rage Generation and the Effect of Dodge

1) Does an increase in Dodge decrease Rage generation to an appreciable amount?

2) At what value does more Dodge begin to decrease DPS due to loss of rage?

3) Does Dodge decrease threat due to loss of rage?

These are the mechanics of rage generation as per Wowwiki.

For Dealing Damage:

Main Hand Normal Hits: Factor=3.5
Main Hand Crits: Factor=5.0
Off Hand Normal Hits: Factor=1.75
Off Hand Crits: Factor=3.5
Rage Conversion Values: Rage Conversion at level 60: 230.6
Rage Conversion at level 70: 274.7

Rage Gained from dealing damage:
= ((Damage Dealt) / (Rage Conversion at Your Level) * 7.5 + (Weapon Speed * Factor))/2

For taking damage (both pre and post expansion):

= (Damage Taken) / (Rage Conversion at Your Level) * 2.5

Damage dealt has a much greater effect than damage taken in regard to rage generation for each point of damage given/taken. However, rage generated from multiple elite instance mobs banging on your bear at the same time will generate considerable if not the majority of your rage.

1) Increases in dodge will not markedly decrease rage generation until very high levels of dodge (probably greater than 50%).

2) In the PvE solo environment most rage is generated from damage dealt by the player, not damage done to the player by the mob.

3) The above are true, except when very large amounts of damage are being taken by the player (for example: Instance Bosses), then more rage is generated from damage taken than from damage dealt.

In conclusion, if you find yourself running out of rage, look for problems in this order:

1) Bear is not taking enough damage from enough mobs (bear doesn't have enough threat/aggro).

2) Bear's Dodge is too high.

3) Bear's DPS is too low.


Katy Mulvey said...

Does this mean that it's feasible (I haven't run numbers yet) for a druid to stack enough armor+dodge to be both uncrittable AND uncrushable?

My understanding was that you couldn't do that because you'd go into rage starvation. But that seems perhaps not to be the case, especially if you're getting a big chunk of your dodge from +AGI, which will help you generate damage, too.

Idahoe said...


It is my impression that to avoid a crushing blow, a player needs to have their avoidance and mitigation so high that Crushing Blows are "pushed off of the attack table."

In order to understand "Pushed off" you need to know the following:

-every attack performed by a mob on a player must result in some "action" whether that be a block, crushing blow, parry, etc.
-in the attack table the occurrence of all events must add to 100%
-the table is added from the top to the bottom, once 100% is reached any occurrence after that point (crushing blow, ordinary hit) will have a 0% probability of occurring and be "pushed off" the attack table.

In looking at the table the order is:

Crushing Blow
Ordinary Hit

In order to push Crushing Blows off of the chart, Miss, Dodge, Parry and Block must total to 100% of the hits you take.

One needs a very high block rating to accomplish this. I dont think that druids can block at all, because we do not have shields. This leaves us with a chance of receiving a crushing blow, which is 150% damage, less with all of our armor. In theory, if your Parry and Dodge totaled to ~100% it would be unlikely that you would receive a Crushing Blow.

Basically, uncrushable is for warriors, shaman and paladins not druids. These classes have talents that markedly increase their Parry, Dodge and Block skills.

See here for more reading:

Katy said...

A late reply, but for reference... here's an example of a druid tank having trouble with rage due to a high dodge rate -- right about at the 50% rate you mention:

Anonymous said...

I know this is late in coming, but your formula is not right. Kalgan posted that a long time ago and those hit factor values are pre-TBC. Updated values can be found here though:

And to idahoe, Druids can't parry either. The only avoidance measure bears have is dodge.

Idahoe said...

Thanks Anonymous,

I have edited the post to reflect TBC changes to the pre-TBC hit factors.

Regarding the attack table, I have a more complete post on that discussing the absence of a druid parry ability.