Tuesday, January 8, 2008

10 gold Auction House Challenge

As stated previously, I am a casual WoW player. I estimate my play time to be about 6 hours per week. Occasionally more, if I actually get a 5-man together to run an instance.

Acquiring large sums of gold for big ticket items is difficult for casual players. Currently, I am saving up 5,000 gold for my artisan riding skill. This will allow me to get my Swift Flight Form, which is quite the stylin flyin mount.

I am interested to see how much gold I can make by working the AH. I don't like to grind. However, once I have my epic flyer, I think that the combination of gathering herbs, fishing and transmutes is going to net copious amounts of gold.

As a project, I'm going to create an AH alt and send it 10 gold from my main character. Over the next 3 months I plan to use 15-20 minutes of my limited playtime to see how much gold I can generate. I plan to use Auctioneer or a similar addon to assist in this venture. I have never used Auctioneer, so I will also post on my experience with this addon.

If you would like to join me, leave a comment at any time. The rules I follow are below. If I alter any of these rules as the experiment progresses, I will post them here. If you can make more gold than me, I'll post a photo of your toon on my site and ask you to write a guest post with your strategies.

10g Bankh Projhect Rhules:
1) Level 1 Alt
2) 10 Gold from a main character
3) Auctioneer or other AH Addon
4) 20 minutes maximum time per day for playing the AH
5) Main character may pay any amount for AH Alt transportion to a neutral auction house
6) Main character may supply Alt with unlimited number of bags for storage only (not for sales)

Let the Games Begin, void where prohibited.