Thursday, January 3, 2008

Alchemy Discoveries Disabled

It took Blue a long time to accept that Alchemy Transmute Procs are broken. Simultaneously, many players were also reporting very high rates of discovery.

I have had 4 discoveries since patch 2.3, which is highly improbable given the very low rates of discovery previously. Given a supposed rate of 0.1% discovery rate, the probability (using a binomial distribution) of having 4 discoveries out of 40 transmutes is:
8.82 x10^-8 or 0.00000882%. This is very improbable, unless you are Phineas Cage.

Well, Blue has admitted that Discovery is broken and has taken the action of disabling all discoveries.

Numerous complaints have followed, which is predictable and somewhat appropriate:
1) Transmute procs are broken without an apparent plan for an immediate fix.
2) The only "compensation" were a surfeit of Discoveries, which is now being disabled.

I cannot complain too much. I have made a statistically improbable number of discoveries since patch 2.3 was released and will continue to enjoy them while Blizz fixes Alchemy.