Thursday, January 24, 2008

Karazhan- Here comes da Hoe!

I'd like to give a shout to my guild, Calamitous Intent, who completed as flawless an instance run (Black Morass) as I have ever seen, so that I could get my Karazhan key. I hope to be in Kara with you all when I get back from vacation.

I would appreciate any feedback on gems , enchants or other equipment that I could use to off-tank in Kara. I have left the Hoe in Dire Bear on logout.

Currently, I am at 416 defense and plan to acquire more Agility and Stamina for the remainder of my open slots. A meta gem would be nice as well. Probably a Relentless Earthstorm Diamond, though my current gems won't exactly support the slots required for the meta.

Other dilemmas include:
1) Gem my Wastewalker Gloves or go for Verdant Gloves
2) Cloak of the Valiant Defender or Cloak of Eternity
3) How to obtain my Alchemist's Stone
4) Acquisition of the Badge of Tenacity or perhaps a Darkmoon Card.

Thanks again Calamitous Intent!!!


Mosshoof said...

Regarding cloaks, consider Bogstrok Scale Cloak or Thoriumweave Cloak (if you can add the missing defense with other items).

As far as enchants go -- I like +AGI and +STA enchants for tanking, e.g. put a +35 AGI enchant on your staff.

The head enchant available at Revered with Keepers of Time is nice, as is the Greater Inscription of Warding from the Aldor once you make Exalted.

See if a leatherworker in your guild can sell you some Clefthide Leg Armor for your pants. (Adds +30 STA and +10 AGI)

Put inexpensive (e.g. green-text) gems from a guild jewelcrafter or the AH into empty armor slots -- you can always replace them with better ones later.

Ngita said...

I would recommend Thoriumweave cloak as apove. This would leave your crittable. Perhaps the Adamantine figurine from shadow lab?

Wastewalker gloves with stam or aglity+stam gems and consider getting a +15 agility to gloves enchant, the mats are fairly cheap.

The plans for alchemist stone can be purchased from the sha'tar rep vendor in the middle of shattrath

Idahoe said...

Well, the Thorium weave is very nice, but I see the point of being uncrittable after dropping my current cloak. The fact that it is a drop will make it somewhat difficult for my Dire Casuale` Bear to obtain. More on gems and such soon!