Wednesday, January 23, 2008

10g Auction House Challenge: Update 1

First, I'd like to thank everyone who reads this blog. We have gone over 1000 page views, which is excellent. I hope to continue to keep bringing all of you readers interesting content and would appreciate any comments or questions you have about the Blog.

....Now picking up where we started a few weeks ago....

In the beginning of this challenge, I found Auctioneer and Auctioneer Advanced (Auc Adv) to be somewhat daunting.
Like many mods made for WoW, the Auctioneer family are very powerful tools that take some quality time truly appreciate. I created a new post about Auc Adv from what I learned in the first few weeks of using it. With your input, we can make this site a great resource for Auc Adv when it is released in its final version.

Well, back to the Challenge- I started with 10gold. At last count I had 53g on my Challenge Alt (Neuro, a human warlock). Slow going to start, but keep in mind that I only spent a maximum of 15 minutes on this alt each day. I even skipped a few days between today (1/23/07) and the start date (1/8/08). The time I did spend included a preponderance of time trying to decipher Auc Adv and learning some new markets that I have never been a part of in the past (mainly the enchanting mats market). For about 150 minutes of total play time, I consider a 400% return worthwhile and plan to continue using this mod.

A short gold tip: The more gold you have the easier it is to make money in the buy/sell plan. If you are saving up for a big purchase, make sure to hang on to some of that gold until you have enough to finance future AH investments after you plunk down the G for Mongoose or a riding skill.

That's all for now. I'm headed to Jackson, WY for some nice skiing. I'll be back in two weeks or so.

Thanks again for reading Cenarion Labs.