Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Alchemist's Stones Redesigned!

Get out your gear for Heroic Arcatraz, Bot and Mechanar! It's time to get an Alchemist's Stone v2.0!

One for Kitties and a Bear Flavor too! One for Everyone! It seems possible that one could have both. These items appear to require the old Alchemist's Stone, which I had decided not to grind out the rep to obtain. No additional stats in abundance and limited utility for Tanks (don't like to be drinking while aggroed oobear form). But the new stone is very much worth it. These babies also require Nether Vortex, which is being changed to a non-soulbound (auctionable, sellable) item that can be purchased with Badge of Justice! No SSC or TK for the casual drood to enjoy this goodie!

Assassin's = 2.75% Crit
Guardian's= 0.87% Crit Resist, 1.73% Avoidance
And dont forget the 40% healing bonus and mana bonus from pots, which come in handy in an off-aggro moment of tanking or an "oops I aggroed again" scenario for cats.

Thanks Blizz! This is an awesome and much needed BoP for the Alchemy community.

The nerf will come in patch 2.5.

Source: World Of Raids (I luv you gusy!)



SuraBear said...

I'm undecided whether I'll be using the tanking version. At first, it was an easy yes, but then I came to the realization that the 15 stamina, 15 agility, and 15 strength disappear. . . thats a lot of stats I was counting on to counteract the loss of bearvasion by replacing Moroes' Lucky Pocketwatch.

Still, thats over 1/3 of the defense needed to reach crit immunity, and would free up a lot of enchants and gems. . . I sense a theorycrafting post coming in my near future to examine this.

Idahoe said...

Indeed, Of Teeth and Claws has a recent post on moving away from the Clefthoof Set, which will undoubtedly be facilitated by this item.

Today, I am glad to be a druid alchemist.