Sunday, March 2, 2008

Item of the Week: Temporary Weapon Stones

From the official patch notes as of 3/2/08:

"Weightstones and Sharpening Stones: The bonus damage from these temporary enchantments now works while shapeshifted."

I have never really used any temporary enchants, but after seeing this, I have seen the light!
For maces and staffs, the two most common types of weapons used by druids, our choices are: Adamantite Weightstone or Elemental Sharpening Stone. The Weightstone is a bar-o-love that, once wrapped onto the end of your stick with two nicely selected pieces of Netherweave, will give:

+0.54% Critical Strike and +12 "unmodified" DPS.

/duck from theorycrafters, who will tell your cat that the true increase in DPS will be higher and dependent on your crit% and hit%. Regardless, make friends with a Blacksmith now!

Elemental Sharpening Stone may actually be better (can't confirm that it works on a druid atm, none on my server for sale) for critty cats than the Adamantite version, if you prefer the pure crit approach, as it gives:

+1.27% Critical Strike.

While the truly wealthy will not balk at the ~2-3g per Elemental Stone, Adamantite stones (~1-1.5g) may be a bit cheaper as they are based on TBC mats. Also keep your radar on for undead-populated encounters in WotLK, something like a Consecrated Sharpening Stone could make another appearance from the nice folks at the Argent Dawn.



SuraBear said...

Actually, other than the 12 DPS being affected by hit and crit, I'm pretty sure that 12 DPS actually just equals 12 DPS. Maybe 13.2 because of naturalist, but all of our special attacks are based on attack power and static numbers, not weapon damage. Still, better to have that extra white DPS than not.