Friday, March 7, 2008

Swipe Buffed?

Wow Item Creator!

I agree with Karthis on the change to Swipe:

Swipe: This ability will no longer strike any secondary targets which are under the effect of crowd-control spells that break on taking damage. i.e. Polymorph, Sap, etc."

I agree with ending attunements requiring numerous steps, but not all attunements. Attunements have been a significant obstacle for my casual cat's entry into Karazhan. A delay of about 2 months. Many "decline" invites clicked due to absence of a key (the place doesn't seem to be very intact anyway, seems like a cat should be able to slip in through one of those crumbling walls). While the guild forms the raid and heads off to Deadwind Pass, I sit in Outlands /1 LFG Black Morass...... again.

However, decreasing attunement requirements is akin to allowing a someone with a low chess ranking to play a match with Bobby Fischer- they can play, but probably won't win. Crowd controlled mobs being immune to swipe is akin to having that match with Bobby Fischer, but instead of having a rook, you are granted a small blowtorch that is usable upon three of your opponent's pieces any time during the game.

I do hope this isn't a slippery slope.



Kaebler said...

I agree with you to some degree, but I think the instance itself will also meter out some level of punishment for those who choose to venture in without being properly-prepared, key or no.

Now, if they would just remove the GROUP requirement for doing attunement chains, things wouldn't be so bad. They may still take TIME, but at least you wouldn't be LFG forever and a day to find a decent PUG that didn't fall apart right before the key fragment you need.

Idahoe said...

Largely agreed. However, playing in a group teaches you a few things about instance play that you cannot obtain on your own:
1) Ravage, Shred, Shred, Rip
2) Innervate
3) Combat Rez
4) CC principles

Maybe learned in PvP to a certain degree, but not applied the same way as in groups.

SuraBear said...

*nod* I think a large part, if not the entire point of attunement to Karazhan is learning to play as part of a team. Soloing attunement just teaches you what most people learn for a solid 69 levels (at least if your server's low level population is anything like mine): How to solo. A skill which, with few exceptions (Inner Demons, anybody?) really isn't relavant to raiding.

Idahoe said...

I agree that one needs to learn how to play in a raid, but let that occur in the raid. I don't like being kept on the outside "learning." Additionally, druid dps in a raid is not much harder than soloing:
1) Shred to 4 combo pts
2) Rip
3) See if anyone needs an off-heal or mob off-tanked
4) Repeat

Maybe runaway or target something at the appropriate time, depending on the boss. I feel that I could have learned this quite rapidly without having to: /g Anyone up for Arc? I need my key.... for over a month.

The game really can polarize players into those who have arrived at some point and those still trying to get there. It is a wonder that guilds stay together really. It seems that making gear and attunement requirements easier would improve social bonding, the real reason a lot of people log in.