Thursday, May 8, 2008


One of my gold earning mainstays is the daily transmute of P. Earth to P. Water. Since 2.4, the price of P. Water has shot up about 10-14g- an increase of about 90% compared to pre-2.4 values. This appears to be the case on my server as well as Alliance-wide. There are concerns that the increased allowance for the number of daily quests will cause inflation. I think this is true and is contributing to inflation. Certainly, the availability of primals has remained stable, though many players seem to be holed -up in the Isle of Quel kill-stealing until their dailies are done, leaving little time for pesky gathering.

Additionally, never count out the power of the casual player. The casual player, once level 70, always has the option of gathering and grinding, which will add gold to the economy.

What does this mean for all of players? Stuff costs more now and stuff in WotLK is going to cost ALOT.

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