Saturday, May 10, 2008

Preparing for Wrath of the Litch King: Part 1 Professions

Before WotLK hits us, sometime before 2009, I predict that the following will occur in regard to professions:

1) All crafted items from most professions will suffer from a loss of demand, due to the gear reset in WotLK. When the testing for WotLK enters Beta would be a reasonable horizon for the start of this devaluation. In preparation for this, sell sell sell pre-WotLK materials and items, while they still have worth. For example, primals are going to plummet, so sell now, while the inflation of 2.4 lasts to have some gold in the bank for your level 77 Northrend flyer.

2) Inscription will be popular- at least early in WotLK. The materials required to level this profession will be in high demand early on, as many players try the new profession. Blizz has stated that Peacebloom will be a component of one of the early recipes. Copper, light leather and all other types of low-grade materials will be required to level Inscription and demand will increase for these mats early in WotLK. Start working those markets now, if you are so inclined.

3) Death Knight= level 55 base for 2 new professions. Casual cats, it doesn't get much easier than this. Even if you have no interest in the concept of the Death Knight, start one to level up a few professions on the server where your main character is located. I plan to take up tailoring and perhaps enchanting to have a pathway for all of my cloth and green drops.

4) Fishing received some love in 2.4.
If this trend continues, having your fishing up to par before WotLK starts will make leveling fishing easier. Fishing is that profession you wish you had and is easy to level in small bites (no pun intended).

5) My guess is that the old professions won't see too many interesting changes.
Expect one new BoP item for Alchemy that is of value and some changes to the mastery system. I hope Alchemy at least gets a new Alchemy lab, the old versions are ambitiously lame.

Maybe these ideas aren't the product of a brilliant mind, but should hold you well leading up to and during the first part of the new expansion.