Thursday, May 29, 2008

PvP Caster Healer 31/0/30 Build- bye bye Feral

For reasons discussed in previous posts, I am participating in very little PvE. I think my tanking days are over for now. PvP is my new area of interest in WoW, at least until the expansion. In addition, while my ferality isn't completely gone, I'm now playing with a Moonkin/Resto spec.

Why? I was never very good at Feral PvP.
IMO, the main strategy for feral druids is to DoT the target then stun. While the DoT is working, heal thyself. Repeat. This quite frantic in the PvP setting. When this strategy doesnt work, I generally try to get into bear form for survivability. But that's just because I don't want to wait to rez.... Not because I'm doing something useful.

Well, there are two solutions to this problem: 1) spend a ton of time learning to play and to get good feral PvP gear, 2) Heal or Cast.

For reasons I hope to cover in a subsequent post, the Feral tank's days may be numbered in Wrath.
Deathknights are going to flood the scene with tanks. Healers will likely become the limiting factor on many servers, even after Arch Druids are introduced, because people just don't like healing. Therefore, I think that it may benefit druids to select a new non-feral role to gain some expertise in before the Wrath.

Some initial testing in the BGs quickly demonstrated that even crappy healing, when feral specced and in cloth healing gear, had a large and positive effect for my side in BGs. It was also a bit easier to target friendlies and heal away. Also, quite annoying for the attackers, who 75% of the time just keep attacking while I healed. I found it to be a lot of fun.

Additionally, I'm always jealous of those casters who can just target, nuke and kill. Melee is bit more difficult.
Melee have to get into range, get behind in some cases, then hope that we don't get feared or stunned, DoT'd- ya warlocks still OP Blizz....I digress.

All this together- Moonkin/Resto 31/0/30 build, which has been quite nice. I'm usually in the top 5 of healing in Alterac and am having a lot more fun healing. I now feel that I'm actually adding value to the PvP efforts. The whole DPS aspect of the Moonkin is still to be determined.
Anyone else like to share their Resto or Moonkin PvP experiments?


SuraBear said...

My Non-Feral role of choice?



Idahoe said...


Congrats on getting married!

Second, my kitty eats warlocks as snacks:

You gain 1 Invulnerability and 20 Spirit.

My experience of 24 hours as a Boomkin-hybrid will be posted in a few days.