Monday, June 2, 2008

WoW Databases is a superior site in many ways to Wowhead, Thottbot or Allakazham.
1) Tooltips on mouseover allowing item comparison to what you are wearing in-game
2) Saved wish lists
3) Saved searches
4) Integration for bloggers
5) Less association with gold farmers (?)

Why aren't more people using Wowdb?

By use, I am mainly (soley) referring to the comments for items, quests, etc. Is it possible that Wowdb will remain a relative ghost-site for quest and item info due to the well-stocked Wowhead? I prefer searching for gear in wowdb, but if I want to figure out how to get that gear or find a quest item, well.... it's off to wowhead.

Ten Ton Hammer also makes claims about the absence of Gold ads. I don't use TTH, but that may be reason enough to give it a try.

Although I don't have access to Wowdb's traffic, I can imagine that a lack of player-provided info could be very limiting for this otherwise very robust site. So, give it a try yourself.


SaladFork said...

Careful with what you go saying now, I wouldn't say that it's "superior" to any of them, each provides something unique. Not to mention some of the things you mention are available in the other three (ie: integration for bloggers and sites).

Not to mention WoWDB is void of a few features that some of us (like me) use often, such as an API or XML feed for querying item information.

Anonymous said...

I don't use WoWDB becasue it cannot be used at all with Firefox/Noscript. Requiring Javascript on a WoW-related site is a deal-breaker for me.

Rusco said...

I mostly appreciate it for it's lack of being related to gold sellers and comparison to your items.

I had no idea they had a tooltip option and if I knew how to add it to wordpress I would.

And I'm not sure what "Anonymous" is talking about. I use WoWDB and Firefox with Noscript... is there something I'm missing?

TD said...

@anon- noscript seems to work fine, you just have to allow it in the options.

@Rusco- try here: