Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hating on my HoTs, Lovin my new Bark

Currently, Death Knights have an absolute Resto Druid killer:

"Degeneration (Rank 3, Level 76) - Instantly attack the target, dealing 60% weapon damage and inflicting a disease dealing 91/154/182 damage over 15 sec. This disease will corrupt an existing heal over time spell, removing it and dramatically increasing the damage dealt. While afflicted by this disease, other heal over time effects on the target will have no effect."

What's up with that? My guess is that this is probably being implemented to nerf resto druid arena power, which (though I don't play arenas) is reportedly quite formidable. This really seems like a talent designed to combat the very specific effects of another class. I suppose a Purification Potion would help fix the problem, but that has a cooldown.... We will see how that pans out.


"Improved Tree of Life- "Increases your Armor while in Tree of Life Form by 120/240/360%, and increases the effect of your Bark's Blessing by 1/3/5%"

Wow! No more sitting duck! least against melee. Just give ToL something to remove Silence and Stun effects and ToL will be be alive and healing in PvP.


"Survival of the Fittest's effect has been doubled."

Oh, that can't last into the release.... Too OP, even for the druid in me. We shall see what stays and what goes.

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Trollin' said...

A paladin or priest in the group would also fix that disease problem. ;-P