Friday, June 20, 2008

Auctioneer Advanced: Snatch is Here!

Auctioneer Advanced (AA) has been updated (not sure when) with the great feature: Snatch. For those who have not tried AA, it has a dizzying array of features. Many of these features help to set the value of your auctions and determine if items in the AH are over or under priced. Snatch allows the aspiring tradesman or speculator to set the price at which you would like to buy a crafting material, enchant reagent or even the coveted Orb of Deception. When AA finds your specified item at or below the price: Ding! goes the bell and you have the choice to buy or not.

This feature is great for those of you who know the market for a crafting reagent. For example, I can pick up Talbuk Venison at 50s, cook it into Spicy Hot Talbuk and resell for 1.5g without thinking very hard at all.

This is a vast improvement over searching for each individual item and choosing to buy or pass on the AH pricing. So, if you are new to AA take a look at Snatch, if you haven't already and start nest egging your gold for Wrath.

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Cynra said...

Brilliant! I'll have to download that. Thanks for the tip.