Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shared Blog Azeroth Topic: 10 Memories

1) Level 20: Hello Auction House! Didn't know you existed.

2) Level 11: Hello Twinks! You make PvP much less fun. See you at level 19 for a more fair fight!

3) Level 2: 1 min /played to level 2

4) Level 19: Hello Twinks! You make PvP much less fun.....

5) Level 55ish: Respec from a Resto to Feral. ZOMG DPS!

6) Level 70: Killed a paladin in PvP with my kitty, by myself, after approximately 5 mins of assorted stuns, bubbles, heals and pots. In the rarely unoccupied Alliance WSG tunnell, no less.

7) Level 70: Soloing the Rezza for Orb of Deception in Bear Form (not amazing, just fun).

8) Level 40ish- The Stairs event in Zul'Farrak- I only did it once, but now that I think about it, I'd love to do it again. The Stairs event here is just great. Of all the boss fights I have ever done, this is easily the best. Waves of mobs with time to heal, but no time to really plan. The onslaught just keeps coming. A few NPCs help you out, then turn on you to attack!

9) Level 70: Healing in BGs. Perhaps the best respec and re-focus I have had in WoW. Healing in BGs is great fun, is very effective (i was very in-effective at killing things), doesn't require grouping, honor get rewards fairly quickly and for these reasons is probably my favorite activity.

10) Level 50ish: Silithus. One of the coolest places for a screenshot and only a mother drood could love that stylish gear Ida's got on(a situation which never improved much). Confusion smites the mind of your enemy. They LOL at your choice of armor. My weapon appears to best be used for assistance up steps or scraping gum off of tile floors.

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Anonymous said...

Is it bad that the repetition of PVP twinks made me laugh?

I remember as a little hordie the havoc in WSG with this one rogue twink who could turn into a furborg. No one could work out how he did it (quest item) – there was running and screaming and gnashing of teeth….and he never levelled out – he was always there.

Experience taught the horde to polymorph and keep him on CC – but it was painful.