Thursday, June 12, 2008

Preparing for WotLK: What to take to WotLK from the Old World

First, I'd like to thank people for reading the blog. I enjoy writing this blog and its great to know that people are reading!

Second, what items from "pre-WotLK" are you hoping to take into WotLK? A quick look at my own equipment and the equipment on my WoWDB wishlist, shows that not much that I have or could obtain now is not going to last into WotLK, but here are some exceptions:

Badge of Tenacity- Despite the gear reset, I think this trinket will continue to have good stats for Druid Tanks. Unless armor values are dramatically increased on gear and the coefficient for the conversion of Agi to Dodge is also dramatically decreased, this piece of gear should get a tank through the level 75, non-heroic 5-mans. Endgame will probably see a better item. If you plan to raid as a tank or cat DPS until Wrath, get this now. As WotLK approaches, the opportunity cost of this item will become more and hence less valuable than obtaining gold or other items for WotLK.

Herbs- High level herbs will likely be required by alchemists to make 376-450 level pots in WotLK. This is more of a speculative activity that will likely make you some money in the AH or help level your profession faster (look at those red level recipes and save up materials now, no matter what your profession).

Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon- this nice little trinket regenerates mana based on a percenatage of your out-of-combat mana regen and is one of few (other suggetions please) items that will retain all of its value in WotLK. I plan to get this for long boss fights and 10-man raiding. Twisting Nether also operates on a percent chance and retains its effect. This card would be much more attractive with a 33% chance of working.

Bags- 20-slotters will probably be standard (read: Cheap!) in WotLK. The current 20-slotter is $$$ with lots of Primal Water required. Sell those P. Water now and get 20-slotters for a much reduced price in WotlK.

Engineering- this profession has lots of great little items that would seem to be a lot of fun AND which retain their functions despite level. If you haven't taken a close look at this profession, you may want to give it another glance before Wrath. Engi has a lot to offer druids too.

Mark of the Alliance
- If you don't have this already, you should. Even if you hate PvP, this can also be used in PvE and the effect is golden. There are higher-level versions of this that include some resistence, but the basic version will still perform exactly as described.

Riding Crop- Should work, though something with a 15-20% increase will probably be available.

What items have I missed?


Draeneiaholic said...

I think my list would comprise of lots, and lots of cloth to level tailoring.

Bags are also on my list. I need to finish furnishing my numerous alts and their bank slots with 20-slot bags and my to-be-created DK.

Herbs are also going to be needed for inscription. They will be a great money maker at the start of Wrath.

Merlot said...


I'm hording any caster gear I can find with spirit on it, for a jump back to a grinding spec. Other than that, I don't plan to take much with me.

Great blog by the way!

Knurd said...

I have done the same thing, and come to the same conclusions as you. The main thing I don't forsee myself having to give up is my Darkmoon Card: Wrath on my hunter. Crit is Crit no matter what level you.

Mace said...

The Darkmoon Card: Wrath -will- become less valuable because it gives crit -rating-, not an increased crit percentage. More crit rating will be needed for the same 1% crit at level 80.

On the other hand, it can stack indefinately so it will still be usefull, just not as much as it is now at 70.

Just my 2 cents, correct me if i'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

One quick note I was thinking of... I want to keep my fishing level at max when wotlk comes out. I am hoping that keeping a good stock of the +100 sharpened fishing hooks comes in handy for the new higher level fishing areas.