Monday, December 22, 2008

Money Sinks of Wrath of the Litch King

The new Darkmooon Cards would be a fabulous money sink if they were sold by NPCs. Instead they are sold by Inscribers to players. I don't play enough to tell if the word is out about these cards among casual players, but I'm sure the raiding crowd has already snapped up these gems. Casual players are in luck though, as:

Greatness (comes in 4 flavors: Agi, Str, Spr, Int)

are BoE and are obtained by collecting the Ace, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 of the requisite decks from the AH or from a friendly scribe and handing them in to the Darkmoon Faire. Did I mention the requisite cards that compose the decks are made by inscribers? Oh, and they are expensive- appropriately so. The Ace sells for 3-5k on my server with the others going between 300-700g and more.

Why would I spend 5,000g on a multi-player, vendoring mount? Band of the Kirin Tor for 8,500g? Other frills abound, but none of them really have that must-have glow of the the Darkmoon Trinkets. In fact, I don't really see a large money sink in WOTLK. Perhaps some of these lesser frills are the new money sinks? Many impulsive 200-500g purchases may very well be a more sustainable sink than large, single 5000-20,000g purchases?

In addition to these large and medium-priced items, I would also note that the price of taxis have gone up, high-end buff food isn't cheap due to the Northern Spices effect and cloth for frostweave bags isn't cheap right now. Except for taxis, the last two items represent player exchanges in currency and can't really be considered a money sink. In fact, with the majority of nice blue equipment being BoE, there is a much more robust between-player economy in Wrath.

In conclusion, I believe that crafted armor and Darkmoon Cards may create a much more vibrant player-level economy and offer much interesting effect on game play than transportation upgrades. In addition, without compelling reasons to buy into new mounts, perhaps more affordable mounts, toys and taxis are the new gold sinks of WoW.