Saturday, January 3, 2009

WoW break

Wow just isn't new or interesting at this point. I don't think the flavor of the added druid abilities or the revamp of the old abilities makes me feel that I've gained anything incrementally fun on my main. While the game has opened-up considerably for casuals, I still find the reward horizon much to long for the benefits.

Ida, go play a Death Knight?

No thanks. It has taken me quite long enough to level to 71. I don't care to repeat any part of Outlands even though progressing into Northrend with a new class would probably keep me interested enough to continue in WoW. Organizing all the add-ons I've come to depend on just to play through zones I have already seen just isn't very compelling.

I feel that the next release of WoW or next Blizz MMO will gather my $15/month. As for now, the only thing in-game I am enjoying is the AH, which probably isn't worth $15 RL dollars per month.

Under what circumstance would I stay?

1) If I could start another class (rogue) at my current level, I'd likely stick around for that.
2) Insta-level my 71 to 80 for $15 to get into raids and PvP.

I really just hate leveling. It is so boring. The plots are so mundane and uninteresting and the process is just too slow. Professions have also become quite useless. I need a game with quicker rewards.

The stick is just too long and the carrot seems to be the same carrot from TBC.

All that being said, I may stick around or come back. But for now, dear readers, I will be investing some time in some other blogs.


Foreman said...

I'm with you on this one. I would like to at least start any class at the same level as the starting DK. If I would have had that option, then I may have rolled a Priest to do some healing while DKs are progressing through outland.